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Olimpijske Fanfare (official intro)Miha Nahtigal
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The 5th International Music Olympiade’s Patron of Honour is the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor

Dear Guest,
Welcome to the International Music Olympiad!

The 5th International Music Olympiad 2022 for students of general comprehensive schools will be organised by the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music (Univerza v Ljubljani, Akademija za glasbo, UL AG) in collaboration with the Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia (Glasbena mladina Slovenije, GMS), with the support of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS).


The International Music Olympiad Organizing Committee has after careful consideration due to restrictions around the COVID19 pandemic decided to organize the 5th International Music Olympiad 2022 online.


The 5th International Music Olympiad 2022 will be held from the 2nd to the 7th of May 2022.

The International Music Olympiad is organized in recognition of the growing significance of music in the field of culture and in the general education of young people, and with the aim of enhancing the development of international contacts in the field of school education in music.


The aims of the Olympiad:

  • To strengthen the position of music education as a creative subject in national curricula;

  • To create motivation and offer musically talented young people opportunities for artistic self-expression at international level;

  • To widen opportunities for composing music (participants can use vocal expression and acoustic musical instruments as well as various electro-acoustical instruments and audio-visual multimedia);

  • To develop musical literacy as a prerequisite for creative activities.

The International Music Olympiad Anthem (arr. Federica Lo Pinto, 2022)


The landscapes of Slovenia are filled with forests, castles, and medieval towns. Slovenia is also a wild area of Europe, featuring coast, mountains, and lakes. Here are the best spots for those seeking nature, history, and adventure (kayaking, sup, canyoning, climbing, skydiving). UNESCO wonders, fabulous local products with world-class cuisine, and excellent wine productions you can discover every day. You can find local bread, cheese, olives, vegetables, and fruit at markets throughout the country. Student meals are subsidized by the government, the Open Kitchen offers the world food on Fridays. Slovenia is an awesome destination for study between the Mediterranean, Alps, Karst, and Pannonian Plain, all in one for the unexpected study experience. Soaking up the sun, savoring every Mediterranean morsel, and partying between the bars are all popular activities. But the area has plenty more to do than perhaps what meets the eye.

We recommend you to watch video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Slovenian statehood and the taking over of the presidency of the Council of the EU, that features Slovenian national anthem with english/ german/ french/ italian or hungarian subtitles.


More links about Slovenia:



​Ljubljana is an inspiration to artists from all over the world who wish to demonstrate their talents in the most beautiful city on earth. The green city of Ljubljana is a cultural centre of Europe, a crossroads of cultural currents between the East and the West, the North and the South.

More about Ljubljana:


Academy of Music

The University of Ljubljana Academy of Music was established 80 years ago as the nation’s only institution of higher learning in the field of music. It connects 160 teachers and over 400 students, both Slovenian and worldwide. Affiliating itself with established university associations, the Academy actively collaborates with music institutions in the many EU countries that border it.

You can read more about it in a flipbook.


Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia

Zveza Glasbene mladine Slovenije (Jeunesses musicales Slovenia) was established in 1969 as a non-profit organization. It promotes and supports the work of young and developing Slovene as well as foreign musicians with concert activities, which are organised in cooperation with regional associations.

JM Slovenia unites professional as well as non-professional musicians and music lovers with the aim of enriching cultural life. Foremost among its goals are: enhancing the musical education of the younger audience (school concerts, matinee concerts with Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra) and creating more opportunities for performances of young musicians. Many concert activities organised by Zveza Glasbene mladine Slovenije are an opportunity for music students to present themselves to different audiences and give regular performances. Altogether, more than 40.000 young listeners are visiting their programs every year. Since 1976 Zveza Glasbene mladine Slovenije has been organizing summer music camps all around Slovenia, inviting young people from all over the world to participate in selected masterclasses. Since 1970 JM Slovenia publishes the magazine Glasna, the only printed classical music magazine in Slovenia.